For Pharmacists

The question you ask is why?  Why should I spend my time, money and effort to get PCAB accredited?  The answer is: validation.  PCAB is the only external validation that lets your patients, prescribers and payers know that you are producing a high quality compound.

Achieving accreditation is a strong statement of your pharmacy’s commitment to your community in providing high quality compounded medications.

PCAB Accreditation:

  1. Improves quality of compounding operations and preparations
  2. Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace and the ability to secure new business
  3. Gives validation that your pharmacy meets national standards
  4. Strengthens community confidence

Quality: Accreditation demonstrates your commitment to quality to patients, prescribers and payers.

Distinguish: Set your pharmacy apart from the rest.  Strengthen your community’s confidence.

Confidence: Knowing your pharmacy is following national standards, which in turn will help improve your product quality, operations and documentation.

Credibility: Your pharmacy will have external validation that YOU comply with national compounding standards

Security: PCAB standards focus on a set of best quality practices which will help you improve the safety of your compounded preparations and reduce the risk of errors.

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